Helicopter Services for Fort Nelson and Surrounding Areas

Qwest Helicopters provides reliable helicopter charters in Fort Nelson and locations throughout northeastern BC and beyond from our permanent base. We offer a wide range of services to our clients, which include crew transport, oil and gas, forestry, wildlife management, airborne video and photography, and much more. We invite you to look over some of the services we offer below and contact us today to get your experience started.

Airborne Video & Photography

To better serve our clients, we can provide the ultimate viewing, photography, or video platform. We can provide a moving map display, with which we can download and save your flight for review later on digital or paper formats. We can also photograph or video your project for you in virtually any format you require. Many other capabilities are possible - just ask how we can help you!

Crew Transport

Recent additions to our fleet include the Bell 205 model medium-lift 14 passenger helicopter and three Eurocopter AS 365N1 Dauphin 12 passenger helicopters. Both are capable of moving larger groups of people more efficiently and quickly, and the Bell 205 provides northeastern BC with a local provider for efficient crew transportation, medevac service, and cargo transport and placing.

Forestry Support

Also featuring heavily in our long history of dedicated service to the resource industries, Qwest Helicopters has participated in assessment, development, operations, and reclamation of many projects in northern BC. From the largest forest companies to the smallest forestry-related contractor, Qwest Helicopters is your partner now and in the future.


With the fastest and largest helicopter capabilities, Qwest Helicopters is your answer to emergency medevac requirements. Every ship in the fleet is configurable for multiple patient configurations, and, in the case of the Dauphin, can arrive in most areas of the Fort Nelson oil patch within 30 minutes of lift-off from our base. The local Fort Nelson Fire Rescue Department has been trained and fitted to our aircraft to carry qualified personnel and is equipped with the Jaws of Life.

Medium-Lift & Precision Long-Line Services

With capabilities up to 3,000 lbs. on the hook, your valuable equipment can be placed precisely where you need it, when you need it, regardless of current road conditions.

Oil & Gas Support

Since the company’s inception, and to serve northeastern BC’s primary resource industries, Qwest Helicopters provides exceptional utility capabilities to the oil and gas sector. From the first scout of areas for proposed development, to demob, withdrawal and reclamation at its conclusion, Qwest Helicopters can provide top-level service at all stages of your project.

VIP Transport

While we are always ready to get our hands dirty to support your working crews, we are also prepared to provide northern BC’s only executive VIP transportation service. Our modern, fast Eurocopter Dauphin (Dolphin in French) series helicopters can whisk your important personnel to visit your field assets or provide essential medevac service at an incredible 145 knots (166 mph or 268 km/hr), rain or shine.

Wildlife Management

Our capabilities extend well beyond the usual day-to-day of most helicopter operators. With three members of the Qwest Helicopters team being highly experienced animal capture and management pilots, we have more experience than any other operator in this area. Extensive knowledge of northern BC and the Northwest Territory’s varied terrain, wildlife, and habitats makes us the helicopter service for animal management in western Canada and the Arctic.